What Is Wireframing?

Before starting to build a website, it’s well worth spending some time deciding how best to organise the information it’s going to contain.That’s where wireframing comes in. A wireframe is more or less a diagram that shows the layout of the different pages of a website and how to navigate between them. The purpose of a wireframe is not to plan every last detail of what a site will look like, but rather to plan what it will do.

The planning aspect basically involves three things: information design, navigation design and interface design:

Information Design:

As the name suggests, it is all about what to do with all the content.Many websites have a huge amount of written content and visual media, and wireframes help you decide what goes where, how it should be formatted and what it should look like. The aim is to make the site as easy and as pleasant to read as possible, so that the information gets across, and the user has a good experience.

Navigation Design:

Focuses on how the user goes from page to page. There are a number of navigation options that are common, such as top and side menu bars, footer menus, buttons and links. The navigation should be as intuitive as possible,and the site should flow in a way that feels natural to the user.

Interface Design:

Interface design is about the interaction between the user and the website. Ways of getting input from users (such as text boxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus) should be easy and intuitive to use.

Wireframes are visually very simple, and only use basic shapes and text elements. Their simplicity means that making changes is quick and easy, so they’re ideal for brainstorming and testing out ideas. In the planning stage of a website, it’s particularly important that the client and the developer are on the same page, so that the final product corresponds to what the client had in mind.

At Succinct Design, we want to do everything we can to make your vision a reality – which is why, when planning for a website, we’ll provide you with wireframes before starting the building process. Any changes you’d like us to make can be made quickly, ideas can be easily shared and we’ll make sure you get what you’re looking for.

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