Web Application Development

Web Application Development

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The distinction between websites and web apps is often fuzzy, and can be quite subjective. In a very broad sense, a web app is a software application that can be accessed via the internet. This means that no new software needs to be installed, and the functioning of the app is dependent on your browser, rather than on your operating system. The advantage of this is that, unlike local software that needs installing, you don’t need any extra disk space to run a web app and you’re guaranteed to always be using the latest version. And, since it can be accessed from anywhere with internet, you don’t have to stick to a single computer. Most modern web apps are also mobile-friendly, making them easily accessible regardless of where you might be. Interactive sites such as Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter are all examples of web apps, whereas a news site or a blog are simply websites.

The fact that web apps are so accessible makes them an excellent way for a business to interact with clients. Whether your aim is to promote your organisation through an interactive medium, or to create a useful online tool that is easily accessible, Succinct Design can help you make your idea a reality.

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[az_blank_divider height_value=”10″][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-book” title=”Research” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Clients come to us with a problem or idea. We examine the situation and try to find as much information as possible. Once we have a thorough understanding of the clients needs, we can move forward and design the best solution. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-pencil” title=”DESIGN” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Once we have direction, we start on our design. By carefully planning and designing the best approach before development, we can save a tremendous amount of both time and effort. This not only makes our job easier but also saves the client costs. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-code” title=”DEVLEOP” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Using the latest tools, technology and programming languages we can execute our design to develop an amazing product. HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, Objective C, Microsoft.Net or any other language that best suits your requirements. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-paperplane” title=”DELIVER” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Only once the client is 100% satisfied and the product is perfect, do we launch. But it doesn’t stop there. We can also help with getting your product noticed with social media and online marketing campaigns. [/az_box_icon]
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