Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing, often abbreviated to SMM, means using social media to improve the visibility of a website, brand or business.There’s no denying the fact that social media has become one of the most common, and certainly the quickest, means of communication. Given its wide spread use and convenience, it makes sense to harness the power of social media for advertising. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Tumblr, lend themselves to spreading information quickly, which is exactly what an advertising campaign aims to do.

Social media has the benefit of exposing the public to a brand or business, not though blatant advertising, but rather through friends and family. When users share a business’ content online, “like” their Facebook page or mention them in a Twitter post, they’re actually endorsing the business to their network of friends. Even negative comments can turn out to be a good opportunity to publicly apologise, or to communicate with a client in a way that addresses their complaint. Establishing an online presence and talking directly to clients creates a sense of trust, and can lead to loyalty to a brand or business that would much more difficult to create through traditional advertising. Moreover, social media marketing is good for SEO and regular updates to social media accounts lends credibility.

At SuccinctDesign, once your website is done, we offer help and advice with social media marketing campaigns, to make sure your site doesn’t go unnoticed.

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[az_blank_divider height_value=”10″][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-book” title=”Research” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Clients come to us with a problem or idea. We examine the situation and try to find as much information as possible. Once we have a thorough understanding of the clients needs, we can move forward and design the best solution. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-pencil” title=”DESIGN” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Once we have direction, we start on our design. By carefully planning and designing the best approach before development, we can save a tremendous amount of both time and effort. This not only makes our job easier but also saves the client costs. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-code” title=”DEVLEOP” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Using the latest tools, technology and programming languages we can execute our design to develop an amazing product. HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, Objective C, Microsoft.Net or any other language that best suits your requirements. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-paperplane” title=”DELIVER” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Only once the client is 100% satisfied and the product is perfect, do we launch. But it doesn\’t stop there. We can also help with getting your product noticed with social media and online marketing campaigns. [/az_box_icon]
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