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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and basically refers to making a website easier to find on search engines such as Google,Bing and Yahoo. Since search engines have quickly become most people’s primary way of finding information, improving your website’s visibility on search engines leads to more traffic and ultimately more clients. Moreover, a high ranking in search results often lends credibility to a business and automatically instills trust in potential clients. The question is, what with the enormous number of websites on the internet, how can you make sure that your website will show up in searches? The answer is SEO. Since search engines are very complex, SEO is a huge topic and can get quite technical. A good place to start is to understand a little bit about how search engines work.

To deal with the huge number of pages on the internet, search engines have to find a way of deciding which pages are more relevant than others, whenever a user enters a search query. When search engines were initially introduced, the decision process was much easier, and basically relied on comparing the words in the search query with the words on a specific page to determine relevance. Of course, this system is very easy to cheat and search engines soon had to deal with the problem of “keyword-stuffing”, i.e.loading a site with keywords in order to trick a search engine into thinking it’s more relevant than others. These days, each search engine has a unique (and secret) algorithm that combines many different factors (such as content,performance and user experience) to decide which websites are the most relevant.

SEO doesn’t try and deceive search engines into thinking a page is more relevant than it actually is, but rather tries to effectively communicate to search engines what the page is actually about, so that they can decide whether or not it’s relevant to the search query. A large part of SEO involves creating high-quality, well-structured, unique content, which is not only great for SEO,but also makes for a better user experience. The more technical side of SEO involves adding meta-data and sitemaps, creating quality back-links and making sure search engines have access to all the information they need about each page. If you’d like to learn more about SEO, there are a number of great online resources – The Free Beginner’s Guide from Moz is a good place to start.

At Succinct Design, we offer a full on-site SEO service to our clients. Not only will we take care of all the technical aspects, but we’ll also optimise your content and provide you with advice on maintaining your ranking. We don’t just provide our clients with excellent websites – we make sure they get seen.

Search Engine Optimization for Google Search Engine by Succinct Design
Search Engine Optimization for Yahoo Search Engine by Succinct Design
Search Engine Optimization for Bing Search Engine by Succinct Design
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[az_blank_divider height_value=”10″][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-book” title=”Research” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Clients come to us with a problem or idea. We examine the situation and try to find as much information as possible. Once we have a thorough understanding of the clients needs, we can move forward and design the best solution. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-pencil” title=”DESIGN” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Once we have direction, we start on our design. By carefully planning and designing the best approach before development, we can save a tremendous amount of both time and effort. This not only makes our job easier but also saves the client costs. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-code” title=”DEVLEOP” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Using the latest tools, technology and programming languages we can execute our design to develop an amazing product. HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, Objective C, Microsoft.Net or any other language that best suits your requirements. [/az_box_icon][az_box_icon animation_loading=”yes” animation_loading_effects=”move_right” icon=”font-icon-paperplane” title=”DELIVER” position=”left” link_url=”#” target=”_self”] Only once the client is 100% satisfied and the product is perfect, do we launch. But it doesn\’t stop there. We can also help with getting your product noticed with social media and online marketing campaigns. [/az_box_icon]
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