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What is Google Adwords?

The last few decades of computing (and the internet) have dramatically transformed the landscape of how the world manages its affairs. Advertising is certainly no exception. AdWords is an online advertising service developed by Google, designed for businesses wanting to use google and its affiliate sites as a marketing platform.

AdWords works with a pay-per-click system. In essence you choose what budget you want to assign to an ad, and can control what you spend monthly all while monitoring the impact the advert has on your sales. Your adverts appear on the results page for the terms you want to be associated with and is thus keyword focused. It is important to note that you only pay when a potential customer clicks your advert – not simply every time they see it – which is useful for conversion. Marketers can also choose between AdWords’ search network and the display network, depending on what suits the campaign best.

There are an array of reasons why AdWords is important:

Flexible – AdWords Campaigns are highly customizable in a multitude of ways allowing you to adapt your advert to best suit your needs. This includes allowing you to specify keyword match types; options for narrowing your audience in terms of language, device type, location etc; Ad extensions – allowing you to display extra content namely images, links to your site pages or contact information; and finally you can make use of the display network and advertise on google affiliates’ sites.

Measurable – The shift to online advertising has brought a new dimension of measurability that traditional marketing channels lacked. However assessing what aspects of your SEO or content contributed to your ranking trends remains a considerable challenge. AdWords resolves this entirely and provides some of the best resources – namely pay-per-click metrics – for monitoring, at a granular scale, what contributed to fluctuations in success.

Scalable – Scalability is one of the essential tasks within marketing. You want to achieve 5 times the advertising scope without 5 times the effort being required. Increasing the budget of PPC campaigns directly relates to more exposure and thus traffic.

Faster and easier than SEO – Creating a new site using SEO, requires a waiting period before it proves itself to google, providing a difficult and slow buildup of success, while AdWords campaigns receive impressions and clicks from the get-go. Further AdWords is easier to maintain than SEO.

Googles ads are more eye-catching than organic results – google gives more flexibility to the search page appearance of AdWords results – especially with the addition of Ad Extensions – allowing a certain glint to these adverts.

However while google provides a clean interface and detailed metrics, AdWords campaigns need careful attention and informed decisions in order to optimize performance – which is where we come in.

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