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With the huge number of websites on the internet comes a lot of competition for any website owner. The best way to keep customers on your site, and encourage them to come back, is to understand how they use it. Often,gaining more insight into how users interact with a website can be extremely valuable in making it more user-friendly, picking up on trends and understanding what information users usually find more valuable.

Using Google Analytics, we can provide you with an easy-to-read analytical report at regular time intervals, detailing:

· Who visits your website, including their geographic location, the browser they use, the language they browse in and their screen resolution.

· How users interact with your content: which links are clicked the most and which features are the most popular.

· What users do on your website: which pages they visit and for how long, and which page(s) might be causing users to leave the most often.

· What time of day users visit your website the most

· How users find your website: where they were before navigating to your site (e.g. search engines or social media networks).

Taking analytics into account can hugely increase your website traffic and ultimately improve your online visibility.

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Analyzing Traffic on Your site
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