ZEE Group


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Custom HTML site

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Ruby on Rails web app

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Basic search engine optimization

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Fully responsive website


ZEE Group came to us wanting a site that would allow potential customers to quickly and easily get an automated price estimate for the ZEE waste and storage services. They also wanted a good looking site to revamp their look and feel.

It was immediately clear that we wouldn’t be able to do this kind of thing on a standard CMS platform like WordPress or Joomla, we would have to create a custom web application. After some research we opted to go with a Ruby on Rails solution.

In the brief, the founder of ZEE. explained that he wanted a very simple interface, so we opted for a flat design using Twitter Bootstrap on the front end.

On the backend we used the Ruby on Rails framework to create the estimate system, which would take in the user data and generate a price estimate before emailing the estimate to the client. While this may sound simple on paper, there was is a large ommount of automated logic used to create the price estimates, which would not have been possible on a standard CMS platform.

We have subsequently gone through a few iterations and modifications to the site, to make it more user friendly and a quicker easier experience.

We also did some some SEO and ran a successful Adwords campaign. We were able to quadruple the traffic to the site and generate an increase in ZEE services sales.

[az_special_heading heading_type=”3″ heading_style=”default” heading_align=”textaligncenter” padding_bottom_heading=”30″ animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]”The site looks great. We absolutely love it!.” – Founder of Zee Group[/az_special_heading]