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Custom WordPress site

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Fully responsive website


TruTravels by far has been the most comprehensive and fun project we have worked on, if not only that it granted us the opportunity to travel and work from Thailand for a few months.

TruTravels invited us to come live and work on the project in Thailand, in order to gain a better understanding of the company they were building and the energy they wanted their site to portray. How could we refuse a few months of work in absolute paradise?

TruTravels had an existing site, but was riddled with bugs and inefficiencies. We were initially brought on to improve it, but after a solid proposal from ourselves and our temporary (but still amazing graphic and UX expert, Ola Padgorska) we decided to scrap the old site and start from scratch.

Because the TruCrew had worked with WordPress before, we decided to use the same plaform but do it properly. We did a full development cycle, starting with user research and UX planning. We identified both the client and user requirements and built a custom WordPress website. Ola did all the design and UX and we built it. It took a long time but the project turned out amazing. We then did a full SEO audit and have more than doubled the traffic to TruTravels website.

We also offered other services to TruTravels which include: a Google Adwords Campaign, social media management, technical support, monthly analytical analysis and reports, content modifications and site curation.

It was a pleasure to work on and just an amazing experience overall. Check out their site and see if you’re interested and maybe even book a tour, its definitely worth it.

On a side note, Trutravels development prior to us leaving was handed over to an intern, and thus any changes done have been implemented without our approval. Therefore the current iteration of the site, is not up to Succinct Design standards).

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