Tip Top Tutors


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Custom HTML site

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Python & Django web app

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Search engine optimization

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Fully responsive website


Freddie O’Donnell the founder of Tip Top Tutors and a friend of his built a very powerful system to help match tutors and students. The website their built was Tip Top Tutors.

They built the website using Python and the Django framework, with an HTML frontend using the Foundation front-end framework, which offers a modern fully responsive web design.

After launching their site, Freddie noticed that he wasn’t ranking very well in search engines. He then came to us. We analysed the site and found that they had not optimised their code to be very search engine friendly.

We edited their code and created unique page titles, meta descriptions, image alt-tags and increased keyword density in order to raise their SEO. We also did external SEO improvements by linking their site with Google Webmaster Tools and generating quality backlinks.

Tip Top Tutors had a noticeable SEO improvement, becoming very visible for the relevant search terms and also appearing with proper search descriptions and sitelinks.

[az_special_heading heading_type=”3″ heading_style=”default” heading_align=”textaligncenter” padding_bottom_heading=”30″ animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]”The site looks great. We absolutely love it!.” – Clive Amsel, Founder of Zee Group[/az_special_heading]