Red Petal Productions


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Built on Squarespace

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Basic search engine optimization

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Fully responsive website


Red Petal Productions came to us with the aim of revamping their old site which was used showcase their work as a production company in the film industry.

Their old site was built on an out of date web platform which was very difficult for them to edit and add new content. It also was slow, and not very search engine friendly.

We looked at the site to see if it was worth salvaging or to go with a new platform all together. After some discussion, a new platform was decided and we began development on Squarespace.

In the brief they wanted a site that was very simple, but still elegant. We implemented a colour palette consisting of shades of black, white and grey and then using a bold red to highlight important areas. This went perfectly with their existing Red Petal Productions logo.

We used a minimalistic web layout with few key images and well defined text and the result was exactly what the client was looking for.

Feature wise we implemented a portfolio page with embedded video and images of their work as well as blogging functionality for more frequent updates.

The Squarespace backend was also very easy to use and allowed the executive producer who claims to be to “struggle with technology” find no problem in editing and adding content.

[az_special_heading heading_type=”3″ heading_style=”default” heading_align=”textaligncenter” padding_bottom_heading=”30″ animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]”We would recommend Succinct Design to anyone looking for a cost effective, efficient, inspired and well supported web design experience.” – Toni Marias, Red Petal Productions[/az_special_heading]