Manmakemachine is an independently held engineering firm based in Cape Town and Nairobi who came to us requiring a website to show potential clients what they do and some of the exciting projects that they work on.

Manmakemachine did not have a prior website, so we built it for them from scratch. In their brief they requested a minimalist style website with a WordPress framework, including a strong emphasis on SEO.

It was a pleasure to work with Manmakemachine as they had already laid out their wireframe and assets, allowing for a relatively short development time. We designed the website using responsive design on WordPress with Bootstrap as well.

We also used all the necessary SEO standards to ensure a highly indexable website for search engines like Google and Bing.

Due to the responsive aspect of Bootstrap, the website is fully responsive and will work on devices ranging from mobile phones to tablets to large 4k retina monitors, and will look great on all of them.

“Succinct Design has done an incredible job, we are so happy we are contracting another two websites for other porjects.” – Ian Duvenage, CEO