Cobi Interactive


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Custom site

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Custom WordPress Design

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Basic search engine optimization

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Fully responsive website


Cobi Interactive have been a mutually beneficial partner. We do some of their clients websites and we in turn pass on our mobile application development for more advanced projects.

Cobi already had an existing WordPress website, but it was long outdated and in need of a revamp. We were able to help in this respect and built them one of our favourite websites.

It was an incredibly stress-free project as we were working with other developers and they were able to provide us with exact briefs and all the assets required to build their site. We also hosted their website on our superfast dedicated servers with WP Engine, the fastest WordPress website host in the world.

We imported all the crucial content from their old site and advised in the creation of new content, as SEO was a key concern for their new site. We did all the basic SEO and advised on how Cobi could increase it even further.

[az_special_heading heading_type=”3″ heading_style=”default” heading_align=”textaligncenter” padding_bottom_heading=”30″ animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]”We’re very excited about the new site.” – Dennis Burford, CTO[/az_special_heading]