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Custom WordPress site

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Basic search engine optimisation

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Fully responsive website


Lucy Corne is South Africa’s leading blogger and expert on craft beer. After writing a very successful book on the craft beer brewing scene in South Africa, she decided to start a website to review new beers and the restaurants selling them. This is how the Brewmistress came about.

As WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging, we opted for a custom WordPress web design, that would allow her to easily post blog reviews on the beers and restaurants.

Lucy also wanted to monetise her site, so we catered for sponsored ad functionally as well as the ability to embed Google Adsense ads into her blog. At a later stage, we also hope to use the site as a platform to sell her booking with some e-commerce functionality.

The website is fully responsive and also features some nice plugin integration such as a Twitter feed and social media sharing, as Lucy has a strong social media following.

Lucy also plans at some stage to add in event functionality, so that she can even further create a revenue stream from her blog.

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